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Billy published his second book in November of 2018. WOW! Wisdom: Stories from the Path of Life contains thirty-four engaging stories. The book also includes a series of questions designed for each story—questions that can be used for personal reflection and/or group discussion. Hester’s true stories are heartwarming and uplifting; amusing, and moving. They include:
    • Marriage Vows with the “Hells Angels”
    • What Otis Redding Gave Me for Christmas
    • Singing at Madison Square Garden
    • Learning a Savannah Accent
    • Mixing Religion and Politics
    • The Yapping Dog
    • A Special Trip to Valdosta
    • What I Learned at The Masters
    • The Most Popular Man in New York City          
Twenty-five more stories will have you laughing, crying, and gaining a bit of wisdom.

NOTE: The paperback and two Kindle eBook editions are available on a print replica version that looks exactly like the paperback and a "flowable" version that adjusts to the device you view it on. To see both Kindle versions on the Amazon product page, click on See all 3 formats and editions, then hover over the Kindle entry in the list. A small arrow will appear to the left; click on it to see both versions. Pick one from the list—the print replica version will display [Print Replica] as part of the heading.

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