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Billy Hester published his first book, WOW! Moments: Stories of Grace, Wonder, and Synchronicity, in November of 2016. In the book, he shares remarkable stories drawn from the intersection of his long and creative career as a New York performer and as a local parish minister in Savannah, Georgia. This beautiful, soulful, and wonder-filled book is written with down to earth candor, humor, and authenticity. In a world filled with personal apprehension, anxiety, and even tragedy, Hester celebrates moments of grace, wonder, and synchronicity. It is these instances, where all the stars align in our lives, when the fates turn in our favor, that we understand the wondrous nature of the world. Through his lifelong practice of paying attention, Hester gently teaches us to capture the fleeting "WOW! Moments" in our own lives, so that they might spark a little more daily faith and wake us up in times when God feels absent. If you are facing one of life's challenges or are tempted to think that you are alone in the universe, read this book.

NOTE: The paperback and two Kindle eBook editions are available on a print replica version that looks exactly like the paperback and a "flowable" version that adjusts to the device you view it on. To see both Kindle versions on the Amazon product page, click on See all 3 formats and editions, then hover over the Kindle entry in the list. A small arrow will appear to the left; click on it to see both versions. Pick one from the list—the print replica version will display [Print Replica] as part of the heading.
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